High Fat Diet Tied To Risk Of Osteoarthritis, Study Reveals

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Diet rich in saturated fatty acids found to be linked with the onset of osteoarthritis, a study reveals. 

-The recent research conducted at University of Queensland (Australia) was focused on investigating the connection between dietary fat and onset of osteoarthritis.

-The study was in line with the previous research conducted by the same group of researchers that suggested antioxidants and anti-cholesterol drugs could slow the progression of joint damage.

-The study evaluated the effects of a diet rich in saturated fatty acids and simple carbohydrates on osteoarthritis.

-As per the study, a diet containing 20 % saturated fats and simple carbohydrates, produced osteoarthritic-like changes in the knee.

-Findings revealed a direct association between the consumption of animal fat and an increased risk of osteoarthritis.

-Findings were published in the Scientific Reports

Source: Scientific Reports

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