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Composition for NORTRIP

Nortriptyline(50 mg)

food interaction for NORTRIP

alcohol interaction for NORTRIP

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It can be taken with or without food, but it is better to take Nortrip 50mg tablet at a fixed time.
Nortrip 50mg tablet may cause excessive drowsiness and calmness with alcohol.
Nortrip 50mg tablet may be unsafe to use during pregnancy.
Either animal studies have shown adverse effect on fetus and there are no human studies or studies in human and animals are not available. It should be given only if potential benefits justifies risk to the fetus. Please consult your doctor.
Unknown. Human and animal studies are not available. Please consult your doctor.


Nortriptyline(50 mg)


Nortrip 50mg tablet is used to treat depression and nocturnal bed wetting (enuresis) in children.

How it works

Nortrip 50mg tablet belongs to class of medication called as tricyclic antidepressant. It acts by increasing the level of chemicals (norepinephrine, serotonin) that are required for normal brain function.

Common side effects

Vomiting, Nausea, Agitation, Coma, Confusion, Convulsion, Decreased body temperature, Blurred vision, Dilatation of the pupil of the eye, Drowsiness, Dry mouth, Fatigue, Hallucination, Altered heart rate, Muscle pain, Muscle stiffness, Fever


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Expert advice for NORTRIP

  • Talk to your doctor if you feel sudden mood changes or unusual thoughts.
  • Do not take this drug if you are consuming antidepressants (monoamine oxidase inhibitors) or have been taking them within the previous two weeks.
  • Do not drink alcohol while you are taking this drug.
  • Avoid unnecessary or prolonged exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet light (tanning beds and sunlamps) and to wear protective clothing, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Nortriptyline may make your skin sensitive to sunlight or ultraviolet light. If your skin becomes reddened, swollen, or blistered, consult your doctor.
  • Do not suddenly withdraw or discontinue therapy.
  • Nortriptyline can make you dizzy or drowsy. Avoid driving or performing activities that require mental alertness.

Frequently asked questions for NORTRIP


Q. Is nortriptyline an MAOI/SSRI?
No, they belong to class of medication called as tricyclic antidepressant.
Q. Is nortriptyline same as amitryptiline?
Nortriptyline and amitriptyline belongs to same category of drugs with similar action, but their effect may vary upon individual response.
Q. Is nortriptyline safe?
Nortriptyline is safe if used at prescribed doses for the prescribed duration as advised by your doctor.
Q. What is nortriptyline/Sensival used for?
Nortriptyline is used for the treatment of depression and nocturnal bed wetting (enuresis) in children.
Q. Is nortriptyline like xenan?
No, xenan belongs to class of medication called as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor.
Q. Is nortriptyline a controlled substance?
No, Patients should follow the advice of the doctor regarding its use.
Q. Can I take nortriptyline with ibubrufen/citalopram/ gabapentin/tramadol/hydrocodone/codeine/zopiclone/ clonazepam/Ambien (zolpidem)/Nyquil (antihistaminic)?
No possible interaction has been reported with these drugs. Patients should follow doctor’s advice regarding its use.
Q. Does nortriptyline cause weight loss/gain, acne, sleepiness, hair loss, dry mouth, memory loss?
Nortriptyline may cause weight gain/loss, loss of hair, dry mouth. Always consult your doctor regarding possible side effects.
Q. Can nortriptyline be used for treating pain (back pain)?
No, it is used to treat depression and nocturnal bed wetting.


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