World Environment Day: Delhi Continues To Record High Ozone Levels

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Unfortunately, we are not living in an environment that is environment-friendly; Studies reveal high ozone levels in the Delhi and regions around the capital. 

-A Recent report from the Center for Science and Environment reveals a gradual increase in the ozone pollution in Delhi and the NCR region.

-The findings suggested that none of us staying in the region is safe from the peak pollution levels, especially those suffering from respiratory problems and asthma.

-The capital of the country witnesses a significant ozone build-up during the summer season which adds to the risk of public health overall.

-The latest research study from the Health Effect Institute reveals an increase in the early deaths due to high ozone levels.

-The ozone levels are expected to be higher in countries in the tropics, sub-tropics, and ones lying near the equator.

Source: Center for Science and Environment Report 

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