Benefits of Hula Hooping: Here is What you Must Do!

Benefits of Hula Hooping

Benefits of Hula Hooping Daily!

Are you tired of all those ineffective exercises that promise to tone you up? Maybe hula hooping is what you need to try out next. The many benefits of hula hooping are highly underrated. As per studies conducted by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), hula hooping is an effective calorie burning and cardio workout routine that enhances complete body endurance. It helps you shed off those extra kilos from arms, legs, abdomen and buttocks.

Health Benefits of Hula Hooping

Here are a few more health benefits of hula hooping that you must be unaware of:

1 . Improves Spine and Joint Health

Hooping is a gentle, low-impact workout that mobilizes the spine. It is the rhythmic nature of hula hooping that increases the range of motion and stimulates the process of nutrient exchange within the discs. Hula hooping was also found to improve the posture and overall strength of the spine.

2 . Strengthens The Core

Your core includes your abdomen, lower back, pelvis and hip muscles. Hula hooping strengthens your entire core, which helps to stabilize your body, protect your lower back from injury, support your spine and improve your posture. Strengthening the muscles surrounding your lower spine, it works as a boon for those suffering from severe back pain.

3 . Improves Coordination and Balance

Hula hooping helps to make you agile as it activates your core and improves your reflexes. It has been observed, that regular practice of this activity helps to reduce the reaction time and also supports the brain and body to workout simultaneously.

4 . Aids Weight Loss

Experts point out that rigorous hula hooping for eight minutes can burn up to 110 calories, which of course is also deterred by the current weight, level of fitness and intensity. However, it helps to maintain a healthy weight, helps prevent diseases such as type2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attack and stroke.

How to Begin With Hula Hooping? 

It is best advised to start a hula-hooping session with a warm-up session with the hoop whipping around your hip. Read on a step by step technique to use this prop as a beginner.

-Locate enough space around. Spread feet apart approximately. Relax knees and body

-Relax elbow and hold the hoop firmly against the back side of your waist.

-Keep the hoop in a horizontal position before swinging outward. DO NOT position the hoop at a tilt or angle. Push your stomach forward with a pumping motion as the hoop rolls across your stomach and back as it moves across your back.

-Horizontally swing the hoop outward against waist, fast and with momentum. Shift your weight between your front and back legs more quickly or pump your torso faster back and forth to increase rotation speed.

-Move your waist in any one direction against the hoop. Right-handed people usually prefer rotating the hoop counter-clockwise, while lefties prefer clockwise.

-Keep your body’s motion at a steady pace to allow the hoop to remain in position.

Things To Keep Mind 

-A pregnant woman or a person suffering from bowel disorders, neoplasm, cancer, back/spinal injuries or any other medical conditions are advised not to try hula hooping until and unless asked by the doctor.

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