Women’s Day Special: How To Get The Ideal Skin?

ideal skin

1mg brings to you the ultimate Women’s Day riddle!

Play to Slay!

Desired by all, disliked by none! Blessed to some, Eager to have one!!

An “ideal guy”? Rethink ladies!

The answer is an ideal skin!

How To Get The Ideal Skin?

-Increase your water intake to get the glorious glow

-Eat two servings of fruits a day for youthful skin

-Cut down on fast food to keep pimples at bay

-7-8 hours’ good night sleep for a fresh face

-Avoid stress to avoid fine lines & early skin-aging

-Tailor skin care products as per your skin type

-Exfoliate, cleanse, and moisturize to set the satin-soft feel

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What Is Your Skin Type?

Take this simple test and discover what’s your skin type.

1. Wash your face and do not apply any skincare product the night before taking the test.

2. Wipe your face with a clean facial tissue just after you wake up in the morning.

3. Make sure the tissue makes contact with the T-zone (forehead, nose bridge, and chin), cheeks.

4. Check the tissue & match with the results given below.

Know Your Skin, Know Its Needs!

1. Dry Skin

-No oil spots on tissue

-Looks dull, dry & flaky

-Fine lines & wrinkles can appear early

-Shop ultra-light moisturizers

2. Oily Skin

-Oil spots on forehead, nose, and cheeks

-Looks greasy

-Collects dirt and prone to pimples

Shop oil-removing face washes & cleansers

3. Combination Skin

-Oil spots on forehead and nose, no oil on cheek area

-Prone to blackheads

Shop scrubs and toners

4. Normal Skin

-No traces of oil on tissue

-Looks soft and clear

-Gains average tan

Shop face packs and sunscreens

5. Sensitive Skin

-More or less clean tissue

-May feel itchy

-Prone to rashes and irritation

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Let Your Skin Speak for You! The Happy You!

Happy Women’s Day!

(The article is reviewed by Dr. Swati Mishra, Medical Editor)

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