Does Male Circumcision Improve Sex Life? Read To Know!


The removal of the foreskin, which is a fold of skin covering the end of the penis, is called circumcision. Many parents get their newborn sons circumcised due to religious or traditional reasons. However, the procedure may be preferred by an adult due to a variety of reasons.  

Circumcision has been a common procedure for ages. The procedure has several positive effects on men’s health and benefits the sexual life of men and their partners too. To know more about circumcision and its advantages, have a quick look at the article.

Does circumcision has a positive effect on sex life?

It is believed that many women prefer the removal of the foreskin from the penis after circumcision adds to the aesthetic appearance, making it more desirable. That being said, it can have several positive effects on the sexual life of men and their partners. Some benefits to sexual life caused by circumcision are as follows:

1. More pleasurable intercourse

Few men state that their partners were more sexually satisfied after they got a circumcision. Along with this, it has been seen that men who undergo the procedure have better romantic intimacy with their partners.

2. Decreased chance of accidents

Chances of injury to the frenulum, trauma, or pain while intercourse if very rare for men with a circumcised penis. As there is no fear of accidents or getting hurt, both partners can enjoy greater sexual pleasure. 

3. Better orgasms

The penis becomes less sensitive after the removal of the foreskin. Because of this, men can last longer without ejaculating. This implies better orgasms for both partners. Thus, the lower sensitivity of the penis after circumcision ensures better and longer sexual activity.

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Benefits Of Circumcision Other Than Sex

Circumcision is not only known to improve your sexual activity but also has several health benefits that improve your overall health. Here are some benefits to know about!

1. Low risk of sexually transmitted infections

Circumcision significantly lowers the risk of men contracting sexually transmitted infections like HPV, HIV, herpes, syphilis, etc. Several studies have revealed that uncircumcised men experience more occurrences of such infections as compared to circumcised men.

2. Decreased risk of penile cancer

Cancer of the penis is very rare, but in males who have undergone circumcision, the chances are close to none. This means that it eliminates the already low chances of penile cancer. 

3. Decreased chances of urinary tract infections

Circumcisions lower the risk of urinary tract infection in men. Studies conclude these infections are more common in uncircumcised males. The infection, if it gets severe, can lead to extensive damage to the kidneys.

4. Treatment option for phimosis

Phimosis is a medical condition when the foreskin becomes too tight and adheres to the head of the penis. At the time of birth, It is normal for the foreskin to be attached tightly to the penis, but it is supposed to become retractable over years.  In some cases, however, this does not happen and circumcision becomes a viable treatment option.

5. Improve genital hygiene

It is easier to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the penis after the circumcision as it becomes much easier to wash the penis after the procedure. Keeping the genitals clean and fresh is highly important to keep infections, itchiness, and discomfort at bay. Maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of the penis at all hours is not an easy task, especially if it is not circumcised. The foreskin can become a breeding ground for bacteria as it is not easy to clean the penis beneath the foreskin. As circumcision removes the foreskin, the cleaning process becomes simpler. The penis can simply be washed with water and soap to ensure its cleanliness. When the genitals are kept clean and fresh, the chances of contracting infections are lowered even further.  


Circumcision is proven to enhance the quality of life, wellbeing, and sexual life of men. Learn more about this procedure to know how else it can benefit you. The expert team of doctors at Pristyn Care would gladly provide you with any information you require about the procedure. 

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