Women Found To Have Better Memory Than Men!

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Women outperform in memory tests showcasing better memory compared to men, study suggests  

-A recent study, conducted by the researchers in Boston, suggested that compared to the men women were found to have a better memory.

-As per the study, the researchers evaluated close to 212 men and women (aged between 45-55 years), by putting them through challenging memory tests to test their episodic memory and semantic processing.

-The study investigated the performance of the women and men across different age groups and stages of reproductive life (pre and post menopause).

-The study suggested that, women on the whole outperformed the men. Amongst the women, premenopausal or perimenopausal women performed better than the postmenopausal women.

-It was observed that the high levels of estradiol (neuroactive hormone in women) helped the women to recollect and retrieve things from the past. Upon entering menopause, the levels of estradiol (found to affect the structure and function of brain regions responsible for memory) dip and thereby affect their memory.

-The study suggested that women with longer reproductive life, are exposed to hormones for a longer span and thereby have a better immediate and delayed verbal memory in their later lives.

-Findings were published in the Journal Menopause 

Source: Journal Menopause

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