Does Regular Exercise Help To Prevent Cramping During Periods?

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Yes, those who exercise regularly experience lesser cramping, pain and discomfort during menstruation. It is recommended to stay physically fit to avoid significant hormonal fluctuations which is the major cause of pain during menstruation.

-Research has proven that exercise and physical workout is a natural way to beat stress, which is also one of the causes for period cramps. The healthier you are physically, the less you will be affected by the fluctuations of hormones. Lesser fluctuations in the hormones can help to prevent period cramps.

-Exercise in itself is a form of detoxification. It increases circulation to all tissues and helps to improve tissue oxygenation. An effective circulation of oxygen to the tissues reduces the chances of cramping and therefore keeps you away from painful periods.

-Not only this, regular exercise helps to strengthen the back muscles, the overall posture and also tones up the body. Put together, it makes one physically fit to sustain minimal pain.

-Exercises also release beta-endorphins which are the ‘happy hormones’ and act as natural morphine and therefore help to overcome pain. They also help burn the prostalgandins, the substances that responsible for cramping.

-Certain exercises, if performed a few days prior to menstruation, helps to relieve menstrual cramping effectively. You may also opt for light walking, swimming, yoga or tai-chi to relieve cramping.

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