Which Foods Help To Control Blood Pressure?

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High blood pressure is called a silent killer since it does not manifest any symptoms. The number of people suffering from high blood pressure has been increasing each year. Studies attribute the high number of blood pressure cases to increasing stress levels, unhealthy lifestyle,  poor dietary choices along with genetic factors.

While doctors offer solutions  which create lifelong dependencies on drugs, there are some foods that naturally help to lower the blood pressure levels in addition to taking medicines:

1 . Bananas

Containing high amount of potassium which help in lowering blood pressure levels, bananas are a great option for people suffering from high blood pressure. Eat it whole or as part of breakfast cereal, smoothies, cakes or milkshakes.

2 . Sweet Potatoes

This fiber-rich root is loaded with potassium and magnesium that helps maintain normal blood pressure levels and in proper kidney functioning. You can try out baked dishes, salads or sweet potato chips.

3 . Spinach

Being a nutrient powerhouse, spinach comes with high potassium and magnesium which lowers blood pressure. It is also high in fiber and calcium. Include it in salads, stir fry, sandwiches or as juice.

4 . Watermelon

This refreshing fruit has high fiber, antioxidants and amino acids that lower blood pressure. Eat it as a fruit, in salads or as juice in the morning with your breakfast.

5 . Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds have been gaining popularity as a healthy snack option but many might not know that this seed helps decrease your blood pressure levels too. It contains significant amounts of magnesium. Eat them as a snack but without salt to get the beneficial effects.

6 . Beans

Beans are on the healthy foods list in general but they should be in high blood pressure patients diet lists for their blood-pressure lowering effects. Have all kinds of beans like red kidney beans, white beans, black beans as part of soups, as side dishes or as fillings in sandwiches and wraps.

7 . Berries

Berries have recently gained attention for the large amounts of anti-oxidants found in them. Besides this, berries also contain potassium and fibre that helps in lowering blood pressure.

8 . Quinoa

Having gained the status of a super-food quinoa comes loaded with protein and magnesium. Easy to cook and incorporate in diets, quinoa can be added to salads and other dishes as substitute to white rice.

Besides these foods, high blood pressure patients should reduce their intake of salt and avoid high salt foods like processed foods and fast food. Eat a healthy diet and say goodbye to problems of high blood pressure.Stay Healthy, Stay Happy with 1mg, India’s Best online drug store!

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