What To Do Before, During And After Getting Your COVID-19 Vaccine?

COVID-19 vaccine

India has opened up the COVID inoculation for everyone aged over 18. While you await your turn, here are a few things to learn about how, when, and what of the vaccination so that you are better prepared for a safe and convenient jab. 

Before vaccination

1. Clear your mind: Do not fall for the misinformation being spread online about vaccines, only refer to authentic sources like WHO, MoHFW to do your research.

If you still have any questions or doubts related to available vaccines, consult a doctor. Connect with an expert.

2. Rule out contraindications: You should not receive a COVID-19 vaccine if you [1]:

– Are severely allergic to any of the ingredients of the vaccine 

– Had a severe allergic reaction to the previous dose of the vaccine

– Are experiencing COVID symptoms or feeling sick

3. Prepare for the appointment: 

– Carry the government-issued ID you used while registering yourself on CoWin

– Keep your sanitizer handy

– Wear loose or short sleeves to allow easy access to your arm

– Follow triple protection by double masking (cloth mask over surgical mask) and wearing a face shield

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4. Don’t skip your regular medicines: Almost all routine medicines like diabetes, thyroid, blood pressure medicines, etc., can be taken before (and after) the COVID-19 vaccination. If you are on blood thinners, ask your doctor whether you should skip one or two doses before the vaccination, follow as advised.

Doubtful about getting COVID-19 vaccine while on blood thinners? Watch this video and hear what Dr. Sameer Gupta, Interventional Cardiologist, has to say.

5. Reschedule the appointment if need be: If you have the symptoms or tested positive for COVID at the time of getting your shot, reschedule the appointment after recovery. This is because you could spread the virus to others at the vaccination center. 

Recovered from COVID? You need to get vaccinated too. Wait for 3 months after recovery to get your COVID-19 shot.[3] This helps double up your immunity against the virus.

During vaccination

1. Don’t lower your guard: Vaccination sites can be highly crowded and contagious. Thus, never lower your mask. Avoid touching your face or outside of your mask once it’s on and properly fitted. Maintain at least a 2-arm distance from others. Sanitize your hands frequently, especially after touching door handles, surfaces, or furniture.

2. Be transparent about your health: Let your vaccinator know about your preexisting health conditions. They might want to take extra precautions in certain cases.

3. Win over your needle-fear: COVID-19 vaccines are directly injected into the upper arm. It takes just a few seconds. If you are someone who fears needles, take a long deep breath and believe it’s all worth it.

After vaccination

1. Stay back at the observation center for 30 mins: It is an important precautionary measure to monitor and ensure immediate attention in case someone develops any immediate reactions post-vaccination. Therefore, you will be asked to wait in the observation center for up to 30 minutes for your own safety, so be patientHowever, it is extremely rare to get any severe side effects.

2. Be prepared for some side effects: Mild effects like pain around the injected area, fever, and fatigue are common. You may take Paracetamol thrice a day to relieve pain and fever. If you feel uneasy, take a rest. These symptoms last not more than a few days, but speak to a doctor if they persist/worsen for more than a week.

3. Tend to the area where you got the jab: Applying cold towels or ice packs for 20 minutes over the vaccinated area can relieve pain and swelling, repeat the same after some time if the pain is still unbearable. Do not rub and avoid pressing hard especially while sleeping.

4. Mark your calendar for the 2nd dose: Ask the vaccinator about the duration of your second jab, as it varies for different vaccines. Put a reminder or mark your calendar so that you do not miss or get late. Remember, the second dose is extremely important, as it’s only after 2 weeks from the second dose that you are best protected against COVID-19. 

Note: If you tested positive for COVID-19 after the first dose of vaccination, then you should wait for at least 3 months post-recovery for the second dose[3].

Recently, the gap between the two doses of Covishield has been increased to 12-16 weeks. How and why revising this gap make the vaccine more effective? Read more here!

5. Continue with COVID-appropriate measures: Vaccination may minimize the risk of death due to COVID. But you can still be a carrier and put others around you at risk. Thus, continue practicing COVID-appropriate behavior even after vaccination, until we together neutralize COVID forever. Also, watch out for COVID symptoms, ensure to get tested, isolate and seek care if you get infected.

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COVID Vaccine: Your extra layer of safety

Though no vaccine can provide 100% protection against infection, there is ample data to suggest that vaccinated people are less likely to have a severe or critical illness with COVID-19. 

If you are vaccinated, you’ll have

– Less risk of illness

– Milder symptoms

– Less risk of hospitalization

– Reduced duration of illness

If you are not vaccinated, you are prone to

– Higher risk of illness

– Severe symptoms

– High risk of hospitalization

– Be highly contagious

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(The article is reviewed by Dr. Swati Mishra, Medical Editor)

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