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Want To Quit Smoking? 7 Practical Ways To Do So!

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Whether its for a teen smoker or a chain smoker, to quit smoking will not be easy but it is important to know that it is not impossible as well. All you need to have is the right plan in place, attractive replacements and a strong determination.

Here are a few effective ways that will help you quit smoking:

1 . Set a Quit Date

-It is important to set a date to quit smoking as it will help you stay motivated. Also, it will help you plan accordingly.

Pen down the reasons for why you want to quit smoking. At the time of craving, these reasons will pull you back from picking up those smokes. A week before the quit date, stop buying cartons of cigrates

2 . Identify and Avoid Smoking Triggers

-It is important to identify your smoking triggers before you plan to quit it completely. A smoking trigger includes everything that provokes you to smoke and may include people/ situations/ feelings/ activities or an environment.

-Make sure while you plan to quit smoking, these triggers stay a distance from you. It is difficult to practice but is extremely helpful. If you tend to smoke with a certain set of friends more often, try and replace them with a peer who does not smoke.

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3 . Keep Yourself Busy 

-An idle mind is a devil’s workshop is a well-known saying. When on a quit smoking plan, keep yourself engaged in different activities that require your brain and body both.

-Being busy and staying committed to the task helps to keep your mind and body distracted. Engage yourself in group activities, watch a movie, read more often or play a sport.

4 . Plan For Forthcoming challenges

-Every time you think of going to the supermarket to buy yourself smokes, stock the money in a piggy bank. Start saving that money. This will motivate you. Alter your

-For those specific times during the day when you smoke, find yourself an alternative. Go for a walk with a friend, else to do instead. Try herbal drinks such as green tea, chamomile tea and other flavoured teas/ coffee.

5 . Declutter Your Surroundings

-The day you decide to leave it for ever, declutter your room, car and workplace. Get rid of all the nicotine based products, ashtrays, matches and lighters that you had been bulking till date.

-Studies reflect that people tend to smoke the most while driving, so make sure you trash all the smokes from your car and other places.

6 . Start A Fresh

-Studies suggest that for many the smell of the smoke serves as a trigger, therefore make sure you use a good clothes freshener. Clear your wardrobe and get your clothes washed to get rid of the smoke smell.

Start your day on a positive note telling yourself repeatedly that you will do it. Do not spend time thinking about the resolution instead when ever the thought hits your mind remind yourself of winning the situation by staying away from it.

7 . Seek Help

-In case you have been a chainsmoker, make sure you opt for a help. Your doctor may prescribe you medications to help with withdrawal.

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