Vitamin C: Here Is Why It Is Important For Your Health!

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Vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) is an essential nutrient that is abundantly found in different natural sources. Water soluble by nature, it is quickly assimilated by our bodies and once inside it plays a critical role in several bodily functions. in a lot of constructive ways.

Here are a few pointers that bolster the vital position of Vitamin C amongst the list of necessary nutrients for the human body:

1 . Helps To Improve immunity

Abundant intake of Vitamin C reduces the incidence of infectious diseases by almost half. It also helps to aid the process of repair in the damaged tissues.

2 . Fights Skin Aging

Wrinkles and freckles are issues that age brings forth with it. Vitamin C is a potent anti-oxidant that reverses the cell damage caused by harmful free radicals. It helps to keep the skin soft and maintain elasticity.

3 . Reduces Chances Of Cancer

Extensive research has shown that the anti-oxidising nature of Vitamin C is a major deterrent to the spread of cancer in humans. It is especially useful in preventing cancer of the lungs, mouth, throat and rectum.

4 . Lowers Cholesterol

Regular intake of foods rich in Vitamin C can lower the cholesterol levels significantly and thereby promote cardiovascular health. It also dilates the arteries that reduce the chances of blockage and thus, heart-attacks.

5 . Keeps A Check On Sugar Levels 

Patients suffering from fluctuating blood-sugar levels are often advised to have Vitamin C rich foods. It prevents spikes in the sugar levels and is effective in the management of diabetes.

How Much Vitamin C Do You Actually Need?

Children can do with 15-45 mgs of Vitamin C, an adult body demands about 75-90 mgs of Vitamin C per day. Pregnant ladies, who must definitely consume Vitamin C, need about 120 mgs on a daily basis.

Where Do You Get The Vitamin C Naturally From?

-Guava, a guava has about three times the Vitamin C needed by the body on daily basis

-Orange, an orange a day gives you 1.5 times the Vitamin C needed by the body on daily basis

-Papaya, 1 cup of papaya pieces gives you Vitamin C equivalent to that given by an orange

-Red Pepper, 1 red pepper provides you with twice the amount of Vitamin C needed by the body on a daily basis.

-Kiwi, 1 kiwi unit provides you with double the Vitamin C needed by your body on a daily basis.

So, don’t you worry and promise to give your body the desired nutrients and minerals, in the right quantity, for a healthier you. Eat Healthy, Stay Happy!

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