8 Simple Ways To Manage Work Related Stress

how to avoid stress

We are living in a time where fast-paced lives, fast food, and high-stress jobs are the norm. A time when we are glued to our gadgets and are oblivious to the changing weather and real human connections. We spend the largest part of the day at work, and then a large part of our time commuting. This, along with the stress of meeting deadlines, proving our competency, and striving for a better tomorrow, all add an enormous amount of stress and anxiety.

While it is a good thing to be competitive and excel in whatever you are doing, it is also very important to learn to tackle stress and take life easy. Remember, we live only once! So, here are some easy ways to  cope with workplace stress in a healthy way

1. Step Outside for a Quick Walk:
Take a quick walk outside your office space or building. Artificial lights interfere with the body’s clock, or the circadian cycle and trick the brain, and hamper the production of melatonin. A quick walk in the open helps correct the body clock and reset our brain.

2. Embrace a Desk Plant:
Keep a small plant at your desk, bamboo, or a money plant. Take a 5-minute break between and water the plant, look at it, and maybe wipe the leaves. Green color soothes eyes that are strained due to staring at the computer.

3. Stress-Relief Through Play:
Start a game of catch with a friend at another desk. Stress balls are truly great de-stressors. Toss around a stress ball for 5 minutes or so, play a game of donkey, and just get the happy hormones going.

4. Power Nap for Brain Recharge:
Take a power nap. 10 minutes of shut-eye goes a long way in recharging your tired brain. Any longer than 15 minutes will end up making you groggy. Just put your head down on the desk, and clear your mind of all thoughts for 10 minutes.

5. Snack on Dry Fruits:
Munch on some dry fruits. Keep a jar of mixed nuts, raisins, figs, etc at your workplace. Almonds, walnuts & cashews are packed with minerals and good fats. They help your heart stay fit and healthy.

6. Read from Great Thinkers:
Keep books from great thinkers at your desk and read a page or two in between. Remember that work is just a part of your life and there is so much more that you should be doing.

7. Indulge in Dark Chocolate:
Nibble on some dark chocolate. The low in sugar variety of chocolate is packed full of antioxidants, helps improve blood flow, reduces cholesterol, releases endorphins and the very act of savoring a piece of chocolate melts the tension away. Always consume in moderation and check with your doctor in case of existing health conditions like diabetes.

8. Take a Gossip Break:
Take a gossip break, nothing de-stresses one more than a quick chat with friends. Walk to a friend’s desk for some gossip, a little chit chat and some laughs. A sure way to break the monotony of the workday.

The idea is to take a break. The ideal balance is 5 minutes of break every 90 minutes of work. And contrary to instinct,  a sweet cup of tea or coffee with a cigarette does not count for a break!

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So, just pull your mind away from the fast-paced life every once in a while and treat yourself with love. Think positive, Stay Healthy!

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