7 Ayurvedic Practices For A Healthier And Happier You

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In the age of new health fads, dietary recommendations and a myriad of fitness practices, the age-old Ayurveda continues to hold its own place. With most of us going herbal and natural in almost everything that we are trying, Ayurveda is a great success due to its holistic approach.

So let us have a look at a few Ayurvedic practices that uplift the quality of human life as a whole:

1 . Practice Pranayama 

Pranayama yoga also called as yogic breathing, is a popular Ayurvedic practice that is beneficial for the entire body. It helps to improve the quality of life, detoxifies the lungs, supplies more oxygen to the brain, improves digestion and energizes an individual.

2 . Go For Tongue scraping

Ayurveda places special stress on oral hygiene. Scraping your tongue with a tongue scraper after brushing removes microbes and plaque accumulated on the tongue. It reduces the incidence of infection and gives you a chance to enjoy the food.

3 . Try Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice in which you swish or rinse your mouth with a teaspoonful of sesame, sunflower oil or coconut oil for about five minutes. It helps to remove microbes and other debris from the body. It is believed that it has the potential to prevent serious ailments of the heart and stomach also.

4 . Eat Slowly and Quietly 

As per Ayurveda, an appreciation of what’s on the plate and gratitude for being given the same leads to better absorption of nutrients by the body. With every bite you have, make sure you chew it well and enjoy it thoroughly. Slow eating also helps to prevent overeating and definitely improves the culinary experience.

5 . Sweat It Out

Sweating, as conceived by Ayurveda and proven by science, helps to get rid the body of toxins accumulated in our blood. It also improves blood circulation which helps to promote healthy skin. Be sure to drink water while you are at the gym.

6 . Massage With Essential Oils

With spas and massage parlors sprouting up everywhere, the Ayurvedic connection with massage is pretty evident. Massage yourself with essential oils. It helps to improve blood circulation, relaxes the body, aids in losing weight and tones the muscles.

7 . Sip In Warm Drinks

As per Ayurveda, cold beverages suppress the ‘Agni’ or the metabolic fire in our bodies. Drink tea infused with lemon, honey, ginger right after meals to improve digestion and up your energy quotient.

So, combined with clean eating and regular exercise, these Ayurvedic practices have the power to transform you into a better being. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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