Understanding The Benefits Of Unani Medicine

Understanding The Benefits Of Unani Medicine

What does Unani medicine mean?

Unani medicine is a form of alternative medicine with origins dating back to several thousands of years. With foundations based on the teaching of Hippocrates and with contributions from some great Greek philosophers like Galen and Razes, this system of medicine was further developed in the middle ages by the Persians and Arabs.

Fundamentals of Unani Medicine

Unani medicine is based on the principle that the key elements fire, air, water and earth collectively play a vital role in maintaining a person’s health. It is believed that diseases result due to the imbalance of these four elements. Furthermore, the body obtains its nourishment from four humors namely: blood, phlegm, black bile and yellow bile. These humor need to be in equilibrium to maintain a healthy state.

How does Unani treatment work?

Pulse examination plays an important role in diagnosis, and several features like size, strength, speed, consistency, fullness, rate, temperature, regularity and rhythm are noted. Urine and stool inspection is also performed when required.

Unani treatment can be divided into four types of therapies:

1. Regimental therapy (exercise, massage, Turkish bath, etc.)

2. Dietotherapy (Specific diet plans)

3. Pharmacotherapy (Drugs are mainly plant based. Some are also of animal and mineral origin)

4. Surgery

What is Unani medicine used for?

Here is a list of few ailments where Unani medicine has shown wonders:

Majoon Suranjan, which contains ginger, aloe vera, and other substances, is an effective Unani remedy for the treatment of joint pain caused by Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis. Its anti-arthritic activity is due to its anti-inflammatory and disease-modifying activities.


Cataract is a leading cause of blindness worldwide. Kohl-Chikni Dawa is a reputed Unani medication with anti-cataract activity. Studies have shown these eye drops to delay the progression of cataract.

Khamira Abresham Hakim Arshad Wala used in Unani medicine is a preparation that contains dozens of natural substances (including saffron, cardamom, Indian bay leaf and citron). It helps in preventing aging-related impairment in brain function. This antioxidant-rich formula helps in the preservation of brain health by protecting it against the harmful effects of free radicals.

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Sexual health
produces saliva when chewed and is sweet to taste. According to the Unani system of medicine, it has a cold and wet (sard-tar) temperament. It is a well-known aphrodisiac and is used to treat premature ejaculation in men. A decoction of its root powder is also used for dysentery and diarrhea.

Hair loss
has become a universal issue. Unani medicine suggests application of crushed aerial roots of the banyan tree immersed in coconut oil for 15 days to fight hair loss.

Apart from these popular treatments, Unani medicine is known for its promising results in the treatment of autoimmune disorders such as Psoriasis, Lichen Planus and Eczema. It emphasizes on restoring the altered humor by devising a comprehensive treatment plan by incorporating the four treatment modalities. It is gaining worldwide popularity because of the consistent results were seen in treating a wide range of diseases with minimal side effects.

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