Top 5 Health Benefits of Goat’s Milk

Goat Milk Benefits

Mothers are always on the lookout for something that not only tastes best but is also packed with loads of nutrients so as to provide the best for their kids and family. And one such everyday essential that almost all the kids (and even adults) start their day with is a glass of milk. But if you are given a choice to pick an alternative to the cow’s milk then would you give it a try? Well, not before knowing what’s in-store for your kid’s health. So let us understand and explore the top health benefits of goat’s milk and how to make it a part and parcel of your everyday life.

5 Reasons You Should Choose Goat’s Milk!

1. Packed with high nutrient content

Goat’s milk is rich in nutrients such as calcium, potassium, Vitamin A, and copper to name a few[1]. It is also known to have a slightly higher protein content as compared to cow’s milk. Along with this, the protein profile of goat’s milk is higher when compared to cow milk. However, it is low in Vitamin B12 and folate.

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2. Beneficial for kids with cow’s milk allergy

Did you know around 3% of children suffer from cow milk’s allergy  all over the world[2]? It is a serious condition that can lead to various symptoms right from diarrhea, vomiting, stomach ache to shortness of breath and anaphylaxis.  

If this is the case with your child, then replacing it with Goat’s milk can be a healthier option. This is because goat’s milk has higher protein content as compared to cow’s milk and it has smaller fat particles which helps in easy digestion of the fats. Goat’s milk also has lactose in it, however, the concentration is slightly lower than cow’s milk.

3. Can help build strong bones

Milk contains two essential proteins namely whey and casein. While whey is known to aid in muscle growth, casein aids in increasing the calcium absorption by the small intestine[3]. Due to its higher content of casein, goat’s milk is known to play an important role in building strong bones and maintaining bone mineral density, which is essential for child’s growth and development.

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4. Easy on the stomach

Goat’s milk contains smaller fat particles which can easily pass through the intestine and are easier to digest, hence light on the stomach. According to a study[4], the fat particles of goat’s milk are almost 1/3rd the size of those present in cow milk. Moreover, goat’s milk forms a soft and loose curd in the stomach which eases the digestion process.

5. Acts as an energy booster

It goes without saying that growing kids need high energy foods to keep up with their active life. And a simple and healthy way to rejuvenate their energy level is to drink a cup of goat’s milk. It acts as a great source of energy due to the presence of medium-chain fatty acids. As per research[5], medium fatty chains are the best to boost your metabolic activity not just in kids but also adults.

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Goat’s milk is loaded with nutrients and can be of great help for children with cow milk allergy. However, you may need to take it slow as most kids are fussy when it comes to milk and may also have an acquired taste which would be difficult to break. So if you are planning to include goat’s milk in your kid’s routine, inculcate it wisely. You can even check with your pediatrician if you have doubts about its safety or efficacy. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article powered by Hye FOODS. The information provided in this article in the form of text, tips, suggestions, and products comprises general advice for consumers. Tata 1mg does not endorse any brands and is not responsible for their efficacy.


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