Too Much Screen Time Could Increase Diabetes Risk In Kids

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Spending too much time on electronic gadgets like television, smartphones and computers could increase the risk of diabetes in children, Reveals a study.

-The study was based on the health information on nearly 4,500 children aged between 9 to 10 years of age across three major cities namely Birmingham, Leicester and London.

-As a part of the study, health parameters such as cholesterol, insulin resistance, fasting blood sugar levels, markers of inflammation, blood pressure and body fat were monitored regularly.

-The average time spent by the children on TV, computers, video games and other devices was also documented.

-Of the total students, about 4% never watched TV or used any electronic device. About one third of the children spent less than an hour’s time on the screen. About 13% spent close to 3 hours and 18% spent more than three hours each day infront of the TV or any other electronic device.

-The study also revealed that excessive screen time was found to be more common in boys compared to girls.

-The study suggested that an overall increase in the body fat was observed among the children who spent significant number of hours (more than 3 hours) in front of the electronic gadgets. This was linked to more body fat and insulin resistance.

-Findings were published in Archives of Disease in Childhood

Source: Archives of Disease in Childhood

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