Yoga Found To Significantly Benefit People With Depression

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Yoga and coherent breathing found to benefit people suffering from major depressive disorder, study reveals.

-The study, conducted by researchers in Boston University School of Medicine (USA), studied the effect of yoga and breathing practices on individuals suffering from major depressive disorder.

-The study included subjects into two groups, one where they were on antidepressants (stable dose) and the other where the subjects who were not on antidepressants. Yoga was found to relieve symptoms in subjects from both the groups.

-The subjects who were on antidepressants were further randomized to a high dose group which included three 90 minutes classes a week along with home practice and low dose group which included two 90 minutes classes a week along with home practice.

-The study used a particular form of yoga called the Iyengar yoga that emphasizes on the details, precision and alignment in posture and breathing control.

-The study reported a significant decrease in the depressive symptoms among individuals in the group that did not take antidepressants.

-Findings were published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

Source: Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 

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