Tea Lover? 6 Reasons For You To Choose Whole Tea Leaves Over Tea Bags!

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Amongst the most commonly consumed beverages across the globe, a cup of tea manages to fetch a “yes” from almost everyone specifically during work hours. With several health benefits to its cap, tea leaves us fresh post a hectic day at work. Broadly tea comprises of several flavonoids such as catechins, whose anti-oxidant nature prevents the oxidation that causes cell damage and associated health problems.

Reasons For You To Choose Whole Tea Leaves Over Tea Bags

Ever wondered if you should prefer whole tea leaves or tea bags? Here are a few reasons for you to choose whole leaves over tea bags

1 . The Ideal Flavor

-Large in quantity and capable of infusing different flavor when brewed, whole tea leaves is the best options to enjoy the ideal flavors.

-Owing to the wider available surface area, whole tea leaves provides you with more flavor, aroma, texture, antioxidants and pleasure as well.

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2 . Consistent Release of Tannins

-Ever wondered why tea from tea bags tastes so bitter at times. The inconsistent release of the tannins from the tea bags causes the bitterness and spoils the usual taste of the tea.

-Whole tea bags when infused in water allow the consistent release of tannins and therefore does not cause any bitterness.

3 . Natural and Pure 

-Whole tea leaves when infused in water allow the uptake of water and allows the essential antioxidants to leach out in its purest forms.

-In order to fit the tea leaves into the tea bags a lot of tea manufacturers cut corners by using tea dust (in the forms of fannings) instead of tea leaves therefore depriving you of the real taste.

4. Source of Antioxidants 

-Whole tea leaves when steeped, have enough space for the uptake of water. These tea leaves take in water and expand as they infuse. This helps in the extraction of the essential flavors, antioxidants and key ingredients which gives it the desired taste.

-In case of several flavored teas (such as oolong, white, black tea) it has been seen that the tea looses the essential oils when processed to be adjusted into tea bags. This indirectly deprives you off the essential health benefits as well.

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5 . Devoid Of Toxic Chemicals 

-Most commonly the tea bags are prepared from plastic, paper or synthetic polymer. These have been found to release toxins, when dipped in warm water, that are harmful for the stomach.

-The same holds false for whole tea leaves as these are directly infused in warm water.

6 . Environment Friendly

-The polymer used in the preparation of the tea bags has been found to be another havoc to the environment.

-Studies suggest that 30% of the tea bags composted during the discard are not biodegradable as the tea bag is sealed using propylene (a meltable plastic). Whereas, strained tea leaves act as a manure for the soil.

Tea bags may be the convenient option when travelling, however, tea from whole tea leaves with endless advantages, is a definite life saver for the tea lovers who need their perfect morning cuppa to start the day.

So, go ahead and make sure you pick whole tea leaves instead of the tea bags over your next visit to the grocery. Eat Healthy, Stay Happy!

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