6 Fun Ways To Make Your Child Like Greens!

6 Fun Ways To Make Your Child Like Greens!

We have grown up hearing how important it is to eat greens and know for a fact that they are packed with nutrients that are good for us. However, it now seems difficult to convince the kids how beneficial fresh green vegetables are for them.

Reasons For You To Add Greens To Your Child’s Diet

Green vegetables are loaded with minerals, such as iron and calcium, along with antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids, the greens are also enriched with anti-inflammatory properties. They also provide vital dietary fibre and help in digestion.

Six Ways To Make Your Child Like The Greens

Challenging it is, yet with smartness and patience, you can try these six simple ways to make your child like their greens

1 . Introduce Greens Early

-Research shows that mothers who have green leafy vegetables during their pregnancy and during their nursing period can help their children with the benefit from the goodness passed through their milk.

-Also, children to these mothers develop a taste for the greens and often lasts for a lifetime.

2 . Make The Meal Colorful

-Colors have been found to appeal kids and you can try adding green leafy veggies along with other colorful fruits and vegetables to their meals.

-A meal comprising of a variety of vegetables, such as broccoli, carrot sticks, and onion slices, can be much more appetizing than just a plate full of spinach.

3 . Make The Entire Family Eat Healthy

-Usually, children tend to imitate whatever they see around them, including speech, behaviour and actions. Therefore, if either parent happens to roll their eyes at spinach or any vegetable, your child is all the more expected to repeat the same.

-To make your child like the green veggies, be sure to mention how delicious and tasty green vegetables are. Encourage them to have it, by quoting examples such as that of their favorite superhero.

4 . Try Green Smoothies

-A great way to mask the bitterness of the leafy vegetables is to blend in a few colorful berries with a scoop of yoghut for taste.

-These fruits lessen the bitterness and improves the appearance of the drink making it less boring and yummier.

5 . Try Home Made Soups

-Homemade soups are wholesome, filling and serves as a great snack for the children. In case your child is not too fond of soups, experiment different types of soup with different vegetables and ingredients.

-Soups serve as a perfect opportunity to include greens in your child’s diet. So, include other vegetables too to make soup a nutritious meal.

6 . Paint Your Pasta Colorful

-You know this pretty well now, that your child is a big time pasta fan. Pastas with lots of green vegetables along with other fresh and colored vegetables cooked with tomato sauce or pesto sauce can not only be tasty, but make for a well balanced, nutritious meal.

-Team this pasta with vegetables rich in nutrients such as broccoli, spinach, fresh kale and  bell peppers.

So, go ahead and try these tips to make your child like the greens in his daily diet. Eat Healthy, Stay Happy!

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