Tea Or Coffee Addict? It Could Lead To Epigenetic Changes in Women!

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Tea and coffee consumption could be the reason for the epigenetic changes in women, study reveals. 

-A group of researchers from the University of Uppsala investigated the role of tea and coffee consumption on governing the epigenetic changes.

-Studies conducted in the past suggest that both coffee and tea play an integral role in modulating the risk for diseases in humans.

-However, the recent study revealed that the intake of tea and coffee significantly showcased epigenetic changes in women more than men.

-Also, many of the epigenetic changes were observed in the genes causing cancer and estrogen metabolism.

-The study also revealed that women consumed more tea and coffee compared to men and therefore increased their risk for the same.

-The pharmacologically active components present in the tea or coffee is believed to generate this response.

-Findings were published in the Journal of Human Molecular Genetics

Source: Journal of Human Molecular Genetics 

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