Excessive Intake Of Calcium Supplements Could Increase Risk Of Heart Disease!


Popping calcium supplements without consulting your doctor could increase the risk of plaque buildup in arteries and cause heart damage.

-In a study conducted by John Hopkins University, more than 2,700 patients, aged between 45-84 years of age of whom 50% were females, were analysed over a period of 10 years.

-As per the recent study, researchers found that in participants who took calcium from diet ( even up to 1 gram/day)  there was no increase in relative risk of developing heart disease over the 10-year study period. 

-But supplement users showed a 22% increased likelihood of having their coronary artery calcium scores rise higher than zero over the decade, indicating development of heart disease.

-This was because the intake of calcium supplements showed a higher risk for plaque deposition in the arteries which increases risk of heart diseases.

-Researchers are of the view that there is a vivid difference in the way the body utilizes the calcium supplements compared to calcium that comes from calcium rich foods.

-However, the study suggests that having calcium-rich foods poses no harm to the heart and can infact be beneficial for the heart.

-The researchers suggest that patients should consult their doctor to assess their need for calcium supplements and to fix a safe dosage.

Source: Journal Of The American Heart Association

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