Run For An Hour And Add 7 Hours To Your Life!


Of the different forms of physical exercise, running found to improve longevity in people

-With research conducted in the past, researchers also investigated if other forms of physical activity such as biking and brisk walking have similar benefits as running.

-The study suggested that though walking and cycling had similar benefits as that of running, however, benefits from the latter were much more.

-Calculations revealed that one hour of run added close to seven hours to a person’s life. It was also observed that the improvement in life expectancy leveled out at about running for four hours per week.

-The study showcased a positive association between running and longevity and suggested that people who ran were found to live longer compared to those who did not.

-The researchers added that running did not increase an individual’s lifespan, instead promoted healthy living and lifestyle behavior such as healthy weight, adequate eating and therefore lesser risk for diseases.

-Findings were published in the journal Progress in Cardiovascular Disease

Source: The Journal of Progress in Cardiovascular Disease

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