Regular Orgasms In Men Could Cut Down Risk of Prostate Cancer!

Regular Orgasms In Men Could Cut Down Risk of Prostate Cancer!

Having regular orgasms could help men avoid prostate cancer, suggests a study

-Scientists from Harvard University are of the opinion that having frequent ejaculations can help the prostate gland ( which produces semen ) stay healthy and in turn reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

-In a Harvard study conducted in over of 32,000 men published in the journal of European Urology, researchers found high levels of sexual activity could cut down the risk of prostate cancer by 33%.

-As per the study, the optimum number is 21 ejaculations per month which is equal to 252 times annually or almost 70% of days in a year.

-Researchers are not exactly sure how ejaculation could lower the risk of prostate cancer, but they speculate that it might help in flushing out cancer-causing toxins.

-Researchers at Harvard researchers, however, pointed out that an active sex life may be an indicator of good general health, which in itself is likely to lower the risk of cancer.

-Hence, it is equally important to follow a good diet, follow an exercise regimen and get regular checkups done to cut down the risk of prostate cancer.

-Prostate cancer is the second most common cause of cancer in men and It is more common in males above 50 years. Early prostate cancer usually has no symptoms. At a later stage, symptoms include problems passing urine, weak urinary stream, and frequent urination, especially at night. An early stage of prostate cancer can be completely cured by surgery.

Source: European Urology Journal

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