Mother To-Be? Are You Drinking Water From A Plastic Bottle?


-Drinking water from plastic bottles for a pregnant women could be detrimental for the child’s health, studies suggest. 

-In the study, conducted by The Endocrine Society (Washington), the effect of chemical bisphenol A (BPA) was studied on baby mice.

-The study showcased that the mice born to the mother mice exposed to BPA were less responsive to hormone leptin (also called the satiety hormone).

-Plastic bottles and variety of food containers contain a chemical called BPA that acts as a hormone disruptor. It has been found to be linked with increased risk of obesity in the baby.

-Child’s exposure to BPA makes him less sensitive to the hormone that regulates a person’s normal appetite and therefore the child may be at an increased risk of obesity.

Source: The Endocrine Society (US)

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