Pharmacist: Your Reliable Partner In Healthcare

Pharmacist: Your Reliable Partner In Healthcare

World pharmacists day is celebrated on 25th September to highlight the impact and value of the pharmacy profession in the healthcare sector.

With the evolving healthcare landscape of our country, pharmacy has become a diverse field with new opportunities for patient care, research and innovation. Today, the role of pharmacists is no more centred around dispensing and distributing medication. The skill set of pharmacists is being utilized to improve health care and promote wellness of patients. In fact, pharmacists are now at the forefront of providing medical services as they are responsible for resolving and preventing medicine-related problems.

In this technology-driven world, pharmacists are also playing important roles in online models of pharmacies, called e-pharmacies. These models provide swift doorstep delivery of medicines through validation of prescription by registered pharmacists. This extends the virtual reach of pharmacists to remote areas and populations in need.

Although responsibilities may vary among the different models of pharmacies, the crux is that pharmacists help patients feel better.

What does the modern pharmacist do?

1. Communicates effectively to bridge the gap between doctors and patients

2. Ensures that patients get the best out of their medicines

3. Works alongside doctors, nurses, and other professionals in specialized healthcare settings to facilitate best medication therapy for patients

4. Is accessible for patients without an appointment

5. Addresses the increasing health care costs and provides practical solutions to patients.

The role of the modern pharmacist in optimal management of medication is being widely appreciated by patients as well as the medical fraternity. The positive impact on patients’ well-being, health outcomes, and health care costs shows the outstanding contribution pharmacists are making in the medical field.

Happy pharmacists day from team 1mg!!

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