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Do You Know Knee Pain Can Lead To Depression

1. Knee pain can lead to depression, says study
Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis, affecting millions of people worldwide. According to a study, knee pain from OA, which damages the quality of life, can, in turn, lead to depression.A research team from Japan recently published a study examining the effects of knee pain on depression since, until now, few studies have focused on how knee pain and impaired knee function relate to depression.
Source: Deccan Chronical

2. Gut bacteria linked to pancreatic cancer
Gut bacteria is found to play a major role in making pancreatic tumors aggressive according to a recent study published in Cancer Discovery. The study stated that the bad bacteria in the guts are found to suppress the immune system response and due to that the growth of pancreatic tumors become very aggressive.
Source: Deccan Chronical

3. Freezing the ‘hunger nerve’ could help with weight loss
The “hunger nerve” — also known as the posterior vagal trunk — is a branch of the larger vagus nerve that works on the heart, lungs and GI system. When your stomach is empty, the nerve signals your brain that you’re hungry. For a small study based at Emory University School of Medicine, researchers tried a minor surgical procedure on the study’s participants where a probe was inserted into the patient’s back, freezing the nerve for two minutes, with the guidance of live images from a CT scan. By freezing the nerve, the hunger signal was shut down.
Source: ABC News

4. Are Your Silver Fillings Toxic To Your Body?
Traditional dentistry practices like using dental fillings containing certain materials have been thought to expose the body to toxic substances and cause infections. So if you have those old silver fillings in your mouth for many years, you may want to know if this is actually true.


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