Are You Fasting Or Feasting this Navratri?

Are You Fasting Or Feasting this Navratri?

Navratri festival has already begun and celebrations are in full swing. Fasting forms an integral part of this extended nine-day celebration and is done to propitiate Goddess Durga and seek her blessings.

In addition to the religious aspect of it, fasts help detoxify the body by flushing out excess toxins. However, most devotees turn the fast into a feast by binging on high fat, sugary and calorie-dense foods in the name of tradition. It is important to understand that if you keep eating fast food all day, the purpose of allowing your body to detoxify and get some rest would be defeated. However, if you try and stick to light, healthy and wholesome food, you can not only detoxify your body but also overcome your tussle to stay in shape.

Here are some tips to avoid binge-eating during Navratri and stay healthy:

1. Drink right: Drinking something hydrating like coconut water, milk or lukewarm lemon water first thing in the morning can give your fast a healthy start. Some people tend to drink more tea or coffee as they psychologically feel low on energy during fasting. However, excess caffeine can stress the body, and hence should be avoided. Jasmine tea can be an excellent alternative as it helps prevent water retention, is great for detoxification, and keeps your energy levels up.

2. Don’t run away from fruits: Fruits are low-calorie snacks that keep you full and rejuvenated during fasting, and help you avoid overeating. Hence, they should be made an integral part of your Navratri special diet. You can gorge on seasonal fresh fruits in the form of mixed fruit chaat, which is not only delicious but can also be quickly prepared.

3. Switch to baking/grilling: Most of the fasting population binges on deep fried foods during Navratri, with sabudaana papad, tikki, pakodas and fried potatoes being a permanent fixture on the menu. However, you must watch out for eating excess of these, as they can cause acidity and indigestion. It is best to leave your fry pan aside and try baking, roasting, and grilling as much as possible. You may consider using your air fryer to prepare low fat snacks like kuttu cutlets or singhara flour pancakes.

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4. Substitution is the key: Take that box of processed sugar off your kitchen shelf this Navratri and replace it with healthier alternatives like jaggery (gur) or honey. You can also substitute namkeen, which is high in cholesterol, for a handful of roasted makhanas or nuts for your mid-meal snacks.

Now you know that sticking to these simple diet tips can help you avoid binge-eating during Navratri and give your body some rest from the regular routine. So go ahead and enjoy your fasting days while keeping yourself fit and healthy.

Happy fasting and healthy feasting during Navratri from team 1mg!!

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