Laughter The Best Medicine? 9 Health Benefits Of Laughter Yoga


Of all the practices recommended for a good health, laughter is the one that is almost never prescribed but promises immense benefits, that extends beyond just the physical health and adds to the entire well-being of an individual.


Here are some  benefits of Laughter Yoga (Hasyayoga):

1 . Promotes Mental Well-being

It releases tension and stress, helping you rejuvenate your mental health by increasing blood-flow and oxygen to the heart which inhibits the release of endorphins, the pleasure inducing neurotransmitters present in the inner lining of the endothelium of the blood-vessels.

2 . Improves Your Productivity

With a positive frame of mind, you are more likely to concentrate better in your work and look at things through a positive lens, rather than cribbing and crying about the demands of the work-place.

3 . Helps In Socializing

-It is contagious. Laughter is infectious and can help in maintaining your social well-being by inducing positive relationships with your social circle.

4 . Delays Ageing

– Laughter contractions helps in toning the facial muscles, increasing the blood and oxygen supply to the skin, thus adding to the glow, reducing wrinkles and helping you look younger!

5 . Aids Digestion

Laughter yoga massages the organs internally like no other exercises. It relieves the lungs of stale air, inhibits deep diaphragmatic breathing that flushes out toxins from the body, oxygenates the blood and aids in immunity building which culminates in a healthy digestive system for the body. So say no to those digestive tablets and switch to Laughter yoga!

6 . Cuts The Flab

Believe it or not one minute of a hearty laughter is equivalent to a ten-minute cardio work-out. It helps you in shedding those stubborn belly fat by exercising the mid-body. One hour of laughter can lead to a loss of as many as 500 calories!

7 . Promotes Heart Health

 It helps in keeping your heart healthy as it inhibits the secretion of nitric oxide on the present in the artery walls, leading to the dilation of the endothelium, aiding in proper flow of blood.

8 . Regulates Blood Sugar

It reduces blood sugar level and helps in preventing Diabetes.

9 . Builds Immunity

Laughter yoga builds immunity by increasing a certain type of white blood cells that fight infections.


Here are 2 popular Laughter yoga techniques also known as Hasyayoga

Fake Laughter

– Imitate childlike playfulness like HA HA HOO HOO .

-Open your mouth wide such that fresh oxygen flushes your lungs and follow up with physical movements like swinging the arms, jumping on the ground and fist-pumping in the air.

-The voluntary laughter is induced by means of dance movements and clapping in a rhythm.

One- Meter Laughter

-Stand with a distance of one metre between both the feet and hands to the left.

-After that, slid one arm over the other to touch the shoulder in an animated movement of measuring one metre length.

-Once, you touch the shoulder, open your mouth wide and laugh heartily.

-This exercise helps in the movement of our diaphragm and has a cathartic effect , inhibiting the release of suppressed emotions, filling our minds with joy and happiness.


-Like any other exercise, you need to warm up by clapping hangs and doing an act of voluntary laughter. While you clap, there should be contact between finger to finger and palm to palm to stimulate the acupressure points, inhibiting the increase in energy levels.

-Every step mentioned above, is followed by deep breathing and relaxing which flushes your lungs with fresh oxygen and relieves mental tension.

-The last step is the grounding exercises wherein like every other exercise, let your body come back to normal lest the laughter exercise should leave you with a feeling of emptiness..

-Laughter exercises often move our sub-conscious mind and help us release our pent up feelings and emotions. So, it is very important you   do the Yoga Nidra or Sleep exercise to slowly calm our muscles and make ourselves aware of our surroundings and our body movements.

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So, go ahead and embrace this beautiful tradition of Hasyayoga or Laughter Yoga anD laugh your way to a happier and healthier you.Stay Healthy, Stay Positive!

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