Secret To A Healthy Gut: 5 Probiotics You Can Make At Home


Probiotics are bacteria and other microbes that are good for your health, especially your digestive system.You usually think that bacteria are always bad for health. But probiotics are “good” or “helpful” bacteria because they help keep your gut healthy.

Probiotics can be easily prepared at home and they have all the nutrients to unlock the secrets to a healthy digestive system.


-Probiotics contains bacteria that release enzymes and digestive juices which lower the pH of the intestines, secrete cholesterol-reducing substances and aid in digestion of lactose.

– Probiotics  prevent constipation.

-They enhance the health of the gut by removing all toxic gases from the stomach and prevent bloating.

– The fermented juices contain fiber, enzymes and vitamins which strengthen the immune system

-Probiotics from the gut interact with all the microbes present in the body, including the skin. They help in reducing dryness and stabilize the micro flora to prevent skin infections and irritations.


These days probiotics are marketed extensively and people shell out a lot of money buying them. But did you know that you could prepare probiotics at home as well?

Here are some easy to make probiotics that you can prepare yourself:

1 . Yoghurt

-Take a tablespoon of curd or your in a bowl.

-Pour organic and raw cow milk/ almond milk over it.

-Cover it with a lid and keep it in the room temperature for half a day for yeast fermentation.

-Eat with meals to enjoy the probiotic formula at home!

2 . Pickled Vegetables

-Easy to make and known for ages since our granny used to treat us to yummy pickles.

-This can be made with any vegetables/fruits but instead of sugar, try and use lemon/sea-salt to derive more of probiotic benefits from it.

3 . Fermented Apple Juice

– Take about 9 to 10 apples, squeeze them to make juices. You will notice a lot of foam formed on the surface.

-Remove the foam and add one tea-spoon of culture starter (available in grocery stores) and a pinch of sea-salt to it before pouring it in the mason jar. Cover it with a tight lid and leave it for 3 days.

-Post 3 days, you will notice fizzing and pressure on the lid with sediments of apple settled at the bottom of the jar.

-Put it in the refrigerator and serve the delicious cold juice by garnishing it with some cloves (for a nice smell).

4 . Wild Fermented Fruit Kvass

-Take a mason jar. Put sliced vegetables and fruits in it such that they take up around ½ to 2/3 of the jar.

-Pour raw honey/sea-salt over it to prevent bad bacteria from growing. Fill rest of the jar with water so that the gases forming out of the veggies and fruit does not break the jar with pressure.

-Keep it air-tight for 3-5 days. Keep a watch every 1 or 2 days to notice the tangy smell coming out of it.

-After 3-5 days, slowly shift it to the refrigerator for slow fermentation in the cold. Ideally, consume it within a week.

5 . Sauerkraut From Cabbage

This super-easy recipe is sure to give way to a healthy gut system.

-Take cabbage or other veggies/bay leaves (optional), slice it into thin shreds, pour sea-salt on it. Avoid using table-salt for its iodine content.

-For every 1 kg of Cabbage, use 20g of salt. Knead them with hand to ensure proper mixing and such that juices come out from the mixture.

-Put the entire content in a mason jar by forcing it through your hand or a stick such that 1 inch from the top is covered with the juice or filtered water if there are not enough fluids to fill in.

-Keep it in the sunlight for 4 weeks and occasionally open the lid to let out the carbon-dioxide formed in the jar.

-After 4 weeks, transfer it in the fridge for a slow fermentation in the cold and there you go to enjoy its probiotic goodness!

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Probiotics are best taken after meals to avoid reaction of the stomach acid with the probiotic in case of an empty stomach. So, go ahead and try these simple to make and  pocket friendly probiotics and say yes to good health. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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