Baldness In Men Found To Be Associated With Height, Study Reveals

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Shorter men found to be at an increased risk of premature baldness, study suggests.

-In a recent study, researchers in Germany (University of Bonn) studied the factors that contributed to baldness in men.

-The researchers studied the genetic makeup of about 11,000 men with premature balding and about 12,000 men with a decent hair growth.

-The study revealed close to 63 alterations in the DNA of the two sub-groups (one which had men with premature balding and other which had men with hair)

-The study also suggested that these alterations in the DNA could increase the risk of baldness amongst men. The study also revealed that four locations on the DNA linked shorter height with an increased risk of baldness.

-The researchers also suggested a link between male pattern baldness and pale skin and conditions such as prostate cancer, sudden cardiac arrest and neuro-degenerative disorders.

-Findings were published in Nature Communications

Source: Nature Communications 

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