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Most Indians Eat Unbalanced Diet, Says National Family Health Survey

1) Breastfeeding May Cut Diabetes Risk By Half
Women who breastfeed their babies for six months or more may stave off the risk of developing diabetes in future by a whopping 47 percent says a new study.
Source: NDTV

2) Weight-loss surgery may halve risk of death in adults
Obese middle-aged men and women who undergo bariatric surgery for weight loss may have reduced their risk of death by 50 percent than those tackling their weight through diet and behaviour alone, finds a study.
Source: IndianExpress

3) Most Indians eat unbalanced diet, says national family health survey
Over half of all Indians, especially women, eat an unbalanced diet devoid of fresh fruits, green vegetables, pulses, meat and milk products that are needed to lead a healthy life, new figures show. The recently released National Family Health Survey (NFHS-4) 2015-16 by the health ministry revealed that fewer than half (47%) of all women consume dark green, leafy vegetables daily and another 38% eat them only once a week.
Source: LiveMint

4) 16 Crazy Fertility Myths Debunked
How much do you know about fertility and conception? You must think that you are quite aware but hold on! There are many myths and rumours surrounding fertility based on old wives tales or just superstitions.Here in this article, we dispel some common fertility myths and give you the facts.
Source: 1mg

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