“Second Opinion” Proved To Affect The Diagnosis And Treatment Of Patients!

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Second opinion from a medical expert may help in better diagnosis and treatment, studies suggest! 

A recent study, conducted by Mayo Clinic, was focused to understand the importance of another physician’s opinion in case of any disease.

-As per the study, 88% of the patients who came to the Mayo Clinic went back with a diagnosis. The remaining 12% of the patients received confirmation that the diagnosis was complete and correct.

-The study was based on the records of 286 people who were referred to the clinic’s General Internal Medicine Division over a period of two years. In each of the case, the referring diagnosis was compared to the final diagnosis.

-The diagnosis for about 21% of the cases was completely changed whereas in about 66% of the cases the diagnosis was modified or refined.

-Findings were published in the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice

Source: Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice

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