How To Choose A Glucometer That Is Right For You


Blood sample size

Choose a Glucose meter that require a very small amount of sample size (~1.5 µl, which is approximately a pin prick quantity)to give an accurate reading.


If you are a frequent traveler and need to carry your meter around everywhere, go for a more compact option. Choose a meter that fits in your purse or briefcase easily.


Don’t buy the cheapest model in the market. Sometimes the cheapest options are the most unreliable, so buy a meter that meets your budget and your needs too.


Choose a Glucose meters that can check glucose levels very quickly(~5 secs).

Screen Size

Patients with impaired vision and Elderly patients prefer Glucose meter with large, clear and easy to read screens.

Digital storage

Choose a glucose meter that saves the recordings and makes it much simpler for you to discuss your progress with your doctor at your next meeting.

Easy Availability of Test Strips

Choose a glucose meter whose test strips are easily and readily available.

Downloading Data to PC

Some blood glucose meter can download readings on PC, so you can maintain an easy record.


Many manufacturers include a toll-free number that you can call for help. Look for a meter that has clear instructions and demonstrate the correct way to use the meter.

Glucose meters with special features

These include audio capability, for people with vision impairments, different handling capabilities, such as having the strips store in the meter, or having a USB meter

We compared the top selling glucometers : Accu chek Active, One Touch Ultra easy and Contour TS for the above parameters. This is what we found:

  • Test strips of all three glucometers are easily available in the market.
  • Test strips of Accu chek Active are most economical.
  • All three glucometers are compact and easy to carry.
  • The results appear fastest in Accu chek Active (Within 5 seconds) and One touch Ultra easy (Within 5 seconds).
  • Blood sample size required for testing is least in Contour-TS (0.6µl) followed by One touch Ultra easy (1 µl) and Accu chek Active(1 µl-2 µl).
  • All three glucometers have a clear and large LCD display screen.
  • One Touch Ultra easy has highest test memory of 500 readings followed by Contour TS (250 test memory) and Accu chek Active (200-test memory).
  • The data can be downloaded from glucose monitors to your PC in all three glucometers
  • All the three glucometers have Life time warranty with Toll free helpline number
  • Accu chek Glucose meter is most economical costing Rs.1580 followed by One Touch Ultra easy( Rs.1790) and Contour-TS (Rs.2450).

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