How To Choose The Right Glucometer?

How To Choose The Right Glucometer?

Do you know that nearly 1 million Indians die due to diabetes every year? Alarming situation indeed!

However timely monitoring can help you and your doctor to develop a treatment plan tailoring to your needs. This can be done with the help of glucometer which are small computerized devices that measure and display your blood glucose level.

Although there are many glucometers available, you need to keep in mind some important points before choosing the right glucometer.

Now have a look a the following criteria to decide the most effective blood glucose meter:

1. Ease of use and maintenance

Both the strips and the meter should be comfortable enough to handle and test for all age groups. They should be user-friendly during the use, and while being stored.

2. Accuracy rate

The meter should be able to calculate the exact values, with scope for error lying within the prescribed range. A non-accuracy of about 20% is permissible.

3. Information storage and retrieval

A track of each test, its result, along with date and time of the day can help in maintaining a log of the readings.

4. Inexpensive

The device and the strips need to be accessible to the general section of the society. It should not be very expensive.

5. Sampling at multisite

In case the patient is not being able to sample from the standard area, the meter should be friendly enough to sample out from any other part of the body.

6. Level of pain

Meters using larger sample volumes are expected to cause more pain than those that take lesser volumes for sampling.

7. Variable working temperature range

Devices that can handle variations in temperature can make it through the international markets. These can also be helpful during travels.

8. Size and portability

The meter should fit easily in the pocket of the patient and should be convenient to take it from one place to another.

9. Easily visible

A display with adjustable font size, that is backlight, and an illuminated test strip port are some of the additional features to make a device easy to be seen even in inappropriate light conditions.

10. Coverage under insurance scheme

It is convenient to check the model and brand being covered under the insurance scheme offered by the company to avoid any issues later.

11. Time taken for calculating the results

Quick results immediately after sampling can avoid the unnecessary fuss and save a lot of precious time, even for those who require hourly data.

12. Special features

Analysis charts and projections, audio systems for vision-impaired people, USB for taking back-up of the readings are some of the additional features in latest models.

13. Support

For those, who are not able to follow the instruction manual, a 24X7 toll-free support system helps them manage the situation without any cause of worry, making the product even more favorable to use.

Being the Diabetes capital of the world, India has a huge challenge to face. The time has arrived that we all spread awareness about its effects, causes and methods of constant and regular monitoring and control.

Know diabetes to No diabetes

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