Heard About TRX Exercise? Here Is What You Should Know!

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What Is TRX ?

-TRX (also known as total body resistance exercise) is a novel full body strength workout that utilizes the persons’ own body weight.

-The novel form of workout does not use the usual machines, dumbbells and equipment placed in the fitness centre. The form of exercise was conceptualized by the Navy SEALs.

-This form of workout offers a complete body workout and not only strengthens your body but also improves the flexibility, develops balance and enhances the core stability.

How Is TRX Performed?

-The form of workout uses two cables (on your feet or hands) to partially suspend the body. Subjects’ own body weight acts as the resistance and the muscles together work to position the body in different ways on the cables.

Who Can Opt For TRX Exercise?

-TRX exercises can be tried and performed by one and all, there are no bars. People who practice yoga and pilates usually find it more interesting due to some similarities. It is an ideal form of workout for runners, cyclists, endurance athletes.

Why Should You Go For TRX Exercise?

1 . Good for both beginners and fitness freaks

-They offers you the advantage to tweak the level of difficulty according to your level. It is for the user to set the level of ease/ difficulty. The user has the advantage of gradually increasing the level of difficulty.

2 . Beats Boredom

-TRX exercises are more interesting and is a form of intense workout that beats boredom. With the two suspension strips, you can actually try several forms of workout- planks, lunges, resistance exercises.

3 . Offers Benefits of Cardio And Strength Building 

-Single equipment offers you the benefits of both cardio and strength training. It simultaneously helps you build muscle and loose weight both.

4 . Can Be Performed At Home

TRX exercises can be performed at home as well. However, for a beginner it is best to understand the moves and postures from an expert. Gradually you can opt to try the exercises at home also.

So, if you are planning to join a fitness center in the times to come, make sure you check for whether the place offers TRX training and experience the altogether different type of workout. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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