Health Benefits Of Cardio Kickboxing

Health Benefits Of Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio kickboxing workout seems to be the new trending workout in the fitness domain. Cardio kickboxing has developed from three disciplines: martial arts, aerobics and boxing. Rather than challenging competitors, cardio kickboxers challenge themselves to improve their overall fitness. This high-intensity workout regime is bound to lift up your mood, build up your stamina, improve your flexibility and coordination.

1. Complete body workout: It is a complete workout for the body, with a strong focus on your core. This workout engages every muscle group in you with a combination of both cardio and resistance workout. No part of your body is left immune while one is undergoing this workout.

2. Lose that stubborn fat: Being a high impact cardio workout, one gets to burn a huge amount of calories. One may loose around 300-450 calories in an hour. Due to high-intensity leg movements and high kicks, it helps reduce the stubborn fat like belly-fat, the most stubborn adipose in the body.

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3. Heart benefits: This is great for the heart as it controls blood pressure and helps maintain one’s heart rate as well. This workout starts with a warm-up exercise, then moving to a more intense phase of punches, kicks and knee strikes which raises your heart rate considerably, moving it into target heart zone where cardiovascular conditioning happens.

4. Self-defence: Kickboxing workout can prove to be a great self-defence practise tool.The ability to defend oneself is empowering that too accompanied with a full body workout that keeps you fit and in great shape.

5. Better posture and improved flexibility: Circuit training and high-intensity moves of kickboxing help tone up the sagging muscles. Kicks and punches along with complete body movements help in improving hand-eye coordination as well. So, kickboxing helps you to build up your core strength, improve coordination and focus and increases your flexibility. Make sure you always do proper warm up and cool down before and after the workout.

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6. Mood boosterWorkouts, in general, have been known to boost endorphins levels. So you not only look good after all that hard work but also feel good. Box away your frustration with punches and kicks and feel instantly de-stressed, Vand energised. Cardio Kickboxing also improves concentration, relieves stress and enhances cognitive functions.

Kickboxing assists you in building up a disciplined lifestyle. It saves your time because of its independent feature that combines cardiovascular and strength building into a compact regime. It is a very good alternative for other forms of aerobic exercises like running on a treadmill or step aerobics.

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