Benefits Of Activated Charcoal

Benefits Of Activated Charcoal

While the word “charcoal” may make you think of the coal that you toss into your barbecue; activated charcoal is quite different with numerous health benefits. Activated charcoal is a form of carbon which is processed to have millions of tiny pores and works by trapping toxins and chemicals in those pores.

Widely advertised as a potent natural remedy for flushing toxins out of the body, activated charcoal finds its way through natural sources such as coconut shells, husks, bamboo and other natural products. Store it in a sealed container as activated charcoal tends to absorb moisture.

Lets now have a look at some of the benefits of using activated charcoal.

1. Teeth whitening: Have you been constantly worrying about the ever-growing yellowish tint on your teeth? You can now relax, as activated charcoal helps restore the whiteness of your teeth. It will also help fight all kinds of oral problems like gum diseases, bad breath, and cavities. Wet a toothbrush and dip into powdered activated charcoal and brush as normal. For best results, brush your teeth with activated charcoal two-three times a week.

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2. Reduces gas and bloating: Bloating (feeling of fullness) and flatulence (gas) are most common reasons for causing discomfort. Unique properties of activated charcoal have been known to bind gas producing substances instantly relieving you of any gastroenterological problems. You can take activated charcoal in pill, liquid or powder form with sufficient amount of water.

3. Purifies water: Activated charcoal traps impurities like pesticides, industrial wastes and other chemicals present in tap water. However, it doesn’t trap viruses, bacteria and hard-water minerals.

4. Skin and beauty: With proven medicinal properties, activated charcoal derived beauty products have been ruling the most.

a. Charcoal face masks have been known to flush toxins out from your skin. A spoonful mixed with aloe vera gel can be used effectively against recurring acne problems.
b. Mosquito bites leave behind rashes and marks. Dabbing the affected area with charcoal and coconut oil reduces itching. Works against bee stings and snake bites too!
c. Used in shampoos too, it can help break the never-ending cycle of the itchy and flaky scalp.

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5. Cures hangover: It’s natural to celebrate with a couple of drinks. So is seeking an immediate relief to that everlasting hangover that has been making you nauseated for hours. Activated charcoal is known to absorb the toxins from the body. It reduces alcohol concentration in the blood and almost cures that hangover.

Activated charcoal is natural and has a lot of advantages. However, the quantities of consumption should be limited in all aspects. Intake volumes, if not regulated consciously, can cause abrasion, poisoning, constipation, and dehydration. Whenever you take activated charcoal, it’s imperative to drink 12-16 glasses of water per day.

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