5 Health Tips For A Safe And Happy Diwali

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The Festival of Lights is eagerly awaited and joyously celebrated each year.From meeting family and friends to decorating homes, diyas, fireworks and lots of great food, the festival truly allows one to indulge. But all the festivities also lead to some health issues and here are some ways you can have a wonderful Diwali without any of the health scares.

Here are some effective tips to ensure a healthy and safe Diwali:

1. Prevent Burns

One of the most common issues during Diwali is skin burn, whether due to firecrackers or when lighting diyas. In addition to having a first aid kit, equipped to handle burns, to ensure safety when handling fire during Diwali, make sure of the following:

-Wear cotton clothes, synthetic fabrics are highly flammable and could make things worse in case of an accident.

-Do not have scarves, dupattas or any trailing piece of clothing when handling firecrackers or lighting diyas.

-Wear closed shoes when lighting firecrackers and have a pail of water close by to dispose sparklers which are known to stay hot long after they burn out.

-Do not handle firecrackers that are unlit, a high percentage of accidents are caused this way.

-Supervise young children when they are lighting firecrackers.

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2. Tackle Respiratory Problems

Another common problem during Diwali is the occurrence of Respiratory disorders. The suspended particulate matter in the air due to firecrackers can cause asthma attacks for those who are asthmatic, coughing, irritation of the throat and nose in elderly, young children and pregnant women.

-Keep windows closed if you are prone to respiratory problems.

-Use a health mask if you live in an area where use of fire crackers is high.

-Ensure that your pumps, nasal drops & allergy medication are stocked and at hand before festivities start.

-If going out of your home, travel in a closed car not a rickshaw and make sure to carry your medication with you.

3. Manage Acidity And Indigestion

-All the rich food, sweets, deep fried foods and ghee laden savouries can often lead to heart burn, acidity, and other digestive problems during Diwali, it is indeed hard to keep up to your diet when such tempting goodies are passed around.

-Ensure to stock up on antacids and sugar boiled sweets (these increase the production of saliva and aid digestion) in case someone has a bout of indigestion.

-For those with high cholesterol and diabetes, keep a track of what you eat and try to make healthy choices.

-For a quick home fix for indigestion, chop 2 cloves of garlic, coat with a teaspoon of salt and drink 2 cups of hot water. No more than one dose a day, and do not eat anything for 2 hours after.

4. Combat Noise Pollution

The loud noise that accompanies crackers can cause immense damage to those suffering from heart problems, mental health issues, blood pressure, hypertension, young kids and pregnant mothers.

-Invest in ear plugs as loud noises can cause unease for those with hypertension or heart problems.

-Keep paracetamol, aspirin. or any other medication at hand in case you get a headache from the noise.

-When purchasing firecrackers, stay away from the loud ones as these can cause partial deafness or can rupture the eardrums of children.

5. Prevent Irritation Of Skin And Eyes

During the 5 days of Diwali, the level of poisonous gases in the atmosphere increase. This can lead to irritation of skin and eyes, vomiting & nausea.

-Use a hypo-allergic skin lotion if you have sensitive skin.

-Make sure to wash hands thoroughly if you are handling firecrackers, the chemicals from firecrackers can be easily transferred to the skin and if ingested can cause vomiting.

-In case of watering eyes, wash thoroughly with rose water or soak a cotton ball with cold milk for instant relief.

-In case of vomiting and nausea, consult a doctor immediately.

So, go ahead and celebrate this beautiful festival with your loved ones in a safe and healthy way. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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