Electroacupuncture Found To Benefit Women With Urinary Incontinence

Electroacupuncture Found To Benefit Women With Urinary Incontinence

Acupuncture along with electric current (also called electroacupuncture) found to benefit women with incontinence, study reveals

-In a recent study, conducted by researchers in China, evaluated about 504 women with stress continence (that happens when the pelvic muscles are too weak to prevent urinary leakage).

-The study revealed that women who received electroacupuncture observed a decrease in urine leakage.

-With better patient compliance, short treatment period and rapid response, the safety and effect of electroacupuncture for stress urinary incontinence was found to be better compared to that of pelvic floor muscle training.

-Childbirth leading to weaker pelvic muscles and obesity was found to be the major reasons for stress urinary incontinence.

-At the start of the study, women who took electroacupuncture leaked an average of 18.4 g of urine during a one-hour pad test and had an average of 7.9 episodes of leakage in a typical 72-hour period. After a treatment span of six weeks, the women showcased an average reduction 9.9 grams of urine leakage.

The only side-effects reported were fatigue and hematoma.

-Findings were reported in JAMA

Source: JAMA

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