Does Cumin (Jeera) Water Help In Weight Loss?


Those extra kilos are a concern for many of us and almost all of us today wish to opt for the easiest ways to lose those extra inches. Weight loss is not only pursued for looking good but it is also a way to stay healthy and makes one less susceptible to lifestyle diseases. Apart from eating a well-balanced diet and exercise, there are some foods that aid the body to lose weight. Cumin, a common spice in the Indian kitchen known for its many health benefits, also helps in losing weight.

What Does Cumin (Jeera) Water Do To Your Body?

-The positive effects of cumin in weight loss is attributed to cholerectic function which decreases re-absorption of cholesterol especially LDL or bad cholesterol in small intestine and also reduces synthesis of cholesterol.

-Cumin helps speed up metabolism, which significantly reduces the quantity of stored body fat.

-Cumin stimulates glands in the stomach and intestines, that aid complete digestion of food. Improved digestion helps to reduce storing of fat in the body and significantly reduces bloating of the stomach and belly fat.

-Recent studies show that cumin helps decrease the levels of glucose in the blood.

Different Ways To Have Cumin (Jeera) Water

-Soak 2 tablespoons of cumin seeds in 2 cups of water for 8-10 hours, boil and strain this mix. Add honey and lemon for taste and drink every morning.

-Add 5 grams of Cumin powder to a small bowl of curd and consume daily to lose weight.

-Add 3 grams of cumin powder & half a teaspoon honey to a glass of water and drink every day.

-Use a mix of lemon, grated ginger and cumin powder as a garnish for salads to help boost the weight reducing properties of Cumin.

-Add cumin seeds to everyday dishes for flavour and to reduce weight.

For those suffering from diabetes or on medication for blood pressure or cholesterol do check with your physician before making any major diet changes.


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