Giving Up Physical Workout Found To Decrease Brain Blood Flow

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Giving up on exercise for a short span found to decrease overall blood flow to the brain, study suggests

-In a recent study, experts examined the effects of stopping exercise on the overall cerebral blood flow in older adults.

-The study enrolled patients aged between 50-80 years (half men and half women) were actively engaged in daily workout from the past 15 years. Their routines included atleast four hours of high intensity endurance training per week.

-The MRI scans of the patients who left exercises for ten days, showcased that the blood flow decreased by 20%-30% across eight brain regions (including the hippocampus).

-As has been suggested by earlier studies, daily exercise has been found to significantly improve blood flow to the brain.

-Findings were published in Aging Neuroscience

Source: Aging Neuroscience 

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