Did You Know About These Hidden Sources Of Sugar?

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To stay in shape, we all opt to cute down on the sugar content from our daily consumption. But to our surprise, there are still a few hidden sources of sugars that we continue to consume and yet wonder why we are unable to lose those extra kilos. The American Heart Association recommends women to have equal to or less than 100 calories from sugars (close to 6 teaspoons) and men to consume equal or less than 150 calories from sugars (close to 9 teaspoons).

Here are a few sources of hidden sugars that we may be unaware of:

1 . Sauces

-Different flavours of sauces may be amongst your personal favourites, but little do you know that they are heavily loaded with sugars.

-Pasta sauces have been found to contain close to 6-12 grams of sugar per half cup serving which equals the sugar in a chocolate chip cookie. So, make sure you read the ingredient label for the sugar content well before adding these sumptuous dressings and sauces to the food.

2 . Granola Bars

-Granola bars are amongst the recommended breakfast options for most of us. These bars are not only loaded with the benefit of oats but is a rich source of corn syrup, brown sugar, dextrose, fructose and sometimes honey.

-To cut down on the sugar intake from these nutritional bars, reduce the intake of the granula bars or have homemade granola bars. This shall serve you with the adequate amount of sugar and offer you the benefits of oats as well.

3 . Yoghurt

-Yoghurt is a rich source of calcium and proteins and is a common post workout snack. However, yoghurt contain upto 17-33 grams of sugars in a small serving.

-While you pick yoghut for yourself, make sure you read the sugar content for the same. You could also opt to prepare some at home which would be far more healthier for you.

4 . Instant Breakfast Cereals

-Ready to have breakfast cereals come with added sugar content which makes them all the more easy to have right away. The cereals that we all are prone to pick the most, are high in sugar content.

-Assumed to be high in fiber, instant oatmeal comes with added sugars in different fruit flavors. Instead of opting for flavoured oatmeal, pick plain oats and add fresh fruits to it, therefore making it more nutritious.

5 . Packaged Fruits

-Fruits that are not seasonal and are exotic, are easily available in the packaged form. They come with light syrups (that are high in sugars). To cut down on the sugar content, you can either opt to drain off the syrup or an even better option would be to pick fresh fruits.

-Dried fruits, devoid of water content, are preserved and stored in high sugar levels. Here sugar acts as a preservative. Instead of having dried fruits, you can try fresh fruits.

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