Can People With Diabetes Have Proteins?

Can People With Diabetes Have Proteins?

Yes, people with diabetes must include proteins along with other essential nutrients to their daily diet.

-Proteins are one of the major energy providers among all essential nutrients. Besides, being the building blocks of the human body, proteins can be broken down to glucose to release energy.

-Unlike carbohydrates, the metabolism of proteins into glucose is much slower. Therefore, the release of energy usually takes a few hours after consumption. Thus, the spike in blood sugar levels might occur after a few hours when you are on a high protein diet.


-It is often recommended to consume about 2-3 teaspoons of proteins in the evening snacks to avert the chances of hypoglycemia. Conversion of only half the consumed quantity of protein can also effectively help in regulating the blood sugar levels.

-A diet that is high in proteins and low in carbohydrates can effectively help to keep the person satiated for a longer span of time. This not only helps to bring down hunger pangs but shall also help in maintaining the ideal weight.

-It is all the more important to know that the people with diabetes must consume proteins in an ideal and balanced quantity to reduce the chances of complications such as diabetic neuropathy (presence of proteins in the urine).

-Studies also suggest that the intake of plant based proteins were found to significantly improve the renal function compared to those who consumed animal based proteins.

-However, patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes need to be cautious of what they eat. Studies support the association of intake of high protein diet (containing red meat) and development of type 2 diabetes. Consumption of processed red meat has been found to increase the chances of diabetes.

-As long as the diabetics have healthy kidneys, 15-20% of the daily calories should come from proteins. People with diabetes are best suggested to team carbohydrates along with proteins for effective regulation of the blood sugar levels.

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