7 Effective Ways To Manage Diabetes At Work

7 Effective Ways To Manage Diabetes At Work

Diabetes management can be challenging, more so if you are out of home for almost 8-10 hours. With erratic work schedules, it is easy to get caught up in an unhealthy lifestyle with no exercise, no fixed timings for food and grabbing on whatever is available between meetings thus leading to uncontrolled sugar levels.

If you can follow these basic rules, you will be in a much better position to manage your diabetes while at work:

1 . Start Your Day Right

Starting your day with a fitness activity dramatically improves your body’s ability to use insulin and hence keeps your blood sugars under check. It also improves your overall health and well being.

What you can do

Begin your day with a 15-30 minutes walk. If you cannot go out, invest in fitness equipment like a training cycle or cross trainer so that you start your day right. You can also start our day with yoga or simple stretching exercises.Have some nuts before going for a walk to prevent hypoglycemia.

2 . Never Skip Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is one of the biggest mistakes that can lead to uncontrolled sugar levels. Make sure you always have breakfast before you leave for work.

What you can do

A healthy breakfast for diabetics must have protein, fibre and balanced carbohydrates. Avoid foods with a high glycemic index like bread, potatoes and pastas in the morning as they will increase your blood sugar levels and will keep you sluggish all day.

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3 . Always Carry Snacks To Work

If you are in a meeting and you suddenly feel your sugars are dropping, do not feel awkward to excuse yourself for a quick snack. If you are going to make a presentation, ensure that you are well hydrated before you start and there is not much gap in what you had last.

What you can do

Some easy options that you can have at your desk while working are nuts, low glycemic index fruits like peach, guava, berries, apple, oranges, protein health bars, sprouts salads and cottage cheese. Healthy snacking in between work will help in regulating your blood glucose levels and prevent you from overeating in your next meal.

4 . Get Moving

Sitting for prolonged hours can lead to weight gain, poor control of blood sugar and heart ailments.

What you can do

Make it a habit of going for a short 3-5 minute walk after every 2 hours of desk work. You can your steps using apps/ fitness bands. You should be taking at least 9000-10000 steps in a day. Opt for stairs rather than the escalators/ elevators and park your car at the farthest parking slot so that you walk more.

5 .  Keep A Glucometer Handy

Monitoring your blood sugars is one of the key elements in managing your diabetes and you cannot just leave this part to the weekends if you are working. This is more important when you have just been diagnosed with diabetes and you want to keep a check on your levels frequently.

What you can do

Prepare yourself a small, handy kit which has the glucometer, alcohol swabs, a sugar candy and small disposable pouch for disposing of the used strip.

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 6 . Stay Hydrated

Make sure that you drink enough fluids during the day. This will help in regulating your sugar levels and prevent you from mindless munching

What you can do

Keep a one-litre water bottle handy at your desk and ensure you finish half of it before your lunch. If you have a field job, it is more than essential to carry water along.

7 . Party Wisely

You can attend all parties and celebrations when you have diabetes as long as you watch what you eat and plan ahead of time.

What you can do

When you know there is a party later in the day, consume lesser calories during the day. When you are at the party, limit your alcohol intake and take small portions of the offerings. Look for healthier options like salads and cut fruit. Avoid deep fried and sugary foods.

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