Does Eating Potatoes Cause Diabetes?

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Eating potatoes does not cause diabetes. Here are a few important facts about diabetes and potatoes that you should know:

-Diabetes type 1 is an inherited genetic disorder that is marked by lack of production of insulin in the body. This cannot occur by eating or avoiding any food substance.

-If you have the gene for diabetes type 1, you will manifest the symptoms despite avoiding potatoes, or even sugar.

-Diabetes type 2 is caused by resistance of the body cells in using naturally produced insulin. Type 2 diabetes i has multiple risk factors including family history of diabetes, being overweight or obese and a sedentary lifestyle.

– If you have any of these risk factors, your chance of being diagnosed with diabetes type 2 at some point in life is high.

-From a nutritional point of view, 100g potatoes contain 158 Kcal energy, 2.75g protein, 5.48g fat, 25.55g carbohydrates, 2g fiber and 0.37g sugars.None of these will produce insulin resistance.

-However, eating excessive amount of potatoes can lead to obesity in the long run when coupled with lack of activity.

-Obesity and a sedentary life are both leading risk factors for diabetes type 2. So indirectly, you might land up having diabetes.

So, it is lack of physical activity and not potatoes that can be a risk factor for causing diabetes.

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