Blueberry Juice Found To Improve Brain Function In The Elderly!

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Concentrated blueberry juice found to significantly improve brain function in the older people, study reveals.

-A recent study, conducted by University of Exeter, was focused to study the correlation of blueberry juice and improved brain function.

-The study included close to 26 individuals aged between 65-77 years of age. Of the 26 healthy individuals, 12 were given concentrated blueberry juice (close to 230 g of blueberries) and the remaining 14 received placebo.

-The study suggested that 12 weeks of consuming 30 ml of the concentrated blueberry juice every day significantly improved the brain blood flow, brain activation and certain aspects of brain memory.

-The participants gave cognitive tests before and after the intake of the blueberry juice. An MRI scanner monitored their brain function closely and the resting brain blood flow was also measured during this monitoring.

-Previous research has showcased that as one ages the cognitive function declines however a healthy diet rich in plant based foods can help in maintaining cognitive function.

-Blueberries, a rich source of flavonoids, have potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and therefore are considered as an ideal fruit for the brain health.

Source: University of Exeter

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