Manage Crohn’s Disease Better By Adding These 6 Foods To Your Diet!

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Crohn’s disease is a condition in which the body generates an immune response against the intestinal tract causing inflammation of the intestines. It becomes very difficult to digest and absorb key nutrients from the food. As a consequence, people with Crohn’s disease may be deprived of essential nutrients. Therefore, it is important for them to have a healthy diet rich in nutrients and minerals.

Here are a few foods that may ease the digestion and also be nutritious for a person with Crohn’s disease:

1 . Almond Milk

-Almond milk is an excellent source of calcium, vitamin D and vitamin E. It does not contain any cholesterol or saturated fats and thus is among the preferred options.

-Almond milk is also low on calories making it an ideal choice for people who are watching their weight as well. Prefer to pick the variety that does not have added sugars.

2 . Eggs

-Eggs are the best source of easily digested protein. Rich in vitamin B12, vitamin D, high-quality protein, phosphorus, riboflavin and amino acids such as leucine, an egg is an ideal breakfast option for a healthy living.

-Eggs, whether scrambled or hard boiled or soft cooked play an important role in several body functions such as muscle strength, brain function, eye health and weight management.

3 . Oatmeal

-Oatmeal is a rich source of soluble fiber that helps to absorb water and also eases the passage of the fibrous content through the digestive tract.

-Oatmeal is not only a quick to cook breakfast option but also has several nutrients and antioxidants that makes it a complete meal. It keeps you full for longer time and therefore does not allow you to do unhealthy snacking.

4 . Papaya

-Tropical fruits such as papaya are easy to digest and therefore a preferred option for people with Crohn’s disease.

-The fruit is a rich source of nutrients such as Vitamin C, A, folates and minerals such as potassium. It contains an enzyme called papain, which helps the body to digest the proteins easily.

5 . Avocado

-Avocado, a highly nutritious fruit, is a rich source of good fats, vitamin B and E, potassium. It is the only fruit that contains soluble fiber and aids the digestion process.

-Low in sugar and high in dietary fiber, avocado helps to regulate the friendly bacteria in the gut. .

6 . Smooth Nut Butter

-Nuts are abundant in good fats, vitamin E, protein and antioxidants. However, most of the times they are difficult to digest for people with Crohn’s disease.

-To draw similar nutrients, you can choose smooth peanut butter or individually almond butter or cashew butters as well.

So, go ahead and add these foods to your diet to prevent any nutritional deficiencies. Eat Healthy, Stay Happy with 1mg!

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