Black Is Great: 10 Reasons Why You Should Drink Black Tea!

health benefits black tea

Black Is Great: 10 Reasons Why You Should Drink Black Tea!

From boardroom brainstorming to a homemaker’s midday break to professionals doing a night shift; chai as known in India connects people with a single thread. A perfectly brewed tea be in any form can refresh and wake up your senses but if its black tea you can enjoy its many health benefits as well.

Health Benefits of Black Tea

Black tea is an excellent drink to start off your day if you are looking for an alternative to your regular cuppa coffee or energy drinks. It is not only less in calories and non-sweetened in nature but also packs a powerful punch of health benefits. With polyphenols, antioxidants, amino acids and flavonoids, black tea can provide protection against a wide range of chronic conditions. 

Have a look:

1. Takes care of your heart

You have a strong reason to ditch that cup of hot brewed coffee and embrace a cup of black tea. This is because, according to studies[1] regular consumption of black tea can lower the risk of heart attack and cardiovascular diseases. The chemicals present in black tea not only lower blood pressure levels but also improve blood circulation in the body, keeping your heart healthy and fit.

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2. Reduces the bad cholesterol or LDL

According to a study[2], regular consumption of black tea reduces the level of bad cholesterol by 7.5%. This not only helps in lowering the risk of heart attack and stroke but also helps in keeping your cholesterol level in control.

3. Keeps your sugar level in check

Do you know more than 70 million people in India are suffering from diabetes? This serious metabolic disorder must be treated or even better if prevented at an early stage. If you are a diabetic and are finding ways to manage your condition, then add black tea to your menu. Have 2 cups of black tea daily to lower your risk of type 2 diabetes as it not only contains antioxidants but also helps you to cut down on weight, which is a known risk factor of diabetes.

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4. Helps you fight those bugs

If you are tired of falling sick frequently then black tea is to your rescue. Since black tea is rich in antioxidants it helps your body restore normal functions and helps you fight against viruses like influenza, cold and flu. According to Dr. Shalini Singhal, Chief Dietitian & Nutritionist at Dr. Shalini’s Diet & Wellness Clinic, New Delhi, “black tea acts as a bronchodilator and relieves one from the sudden symptoms of asthma. It is also good for all those who have sinus or allergic symptoms of cold and cough”.

5. Good for your digestive system

A healthy digestive system means a healthy you. Black tea has anti-inflammatory properties which soothe and cures digestive disorders. “It also has weight loss benefits. Black tea hydrates you, provides antioxidants and fills you up without adding any calories to your diet. Working people who cannot manage low-fat milk and sugarless tea at the workplace, can have black tea instead during the day,” says Dr. Shalini Singhal.

6. Gives you stronger and healthier bones

Most people believe that drinking tea has a negative impact on bone health as it increases the risk of osteoporosis. However, some studies[3 suggest that people who drink black tea regularly have stronger bones and lower probability of osteoporosis and arthritis. The protective effect is attributed to high bone mineral density seen in tea lovers.

7. Keeps you away from kidney disease

It is said that people who consume one cup of black tea daily seem to have a lower risk of developing kidney damage compared to those who don’t. This is because, black tea is loaded with antioxidants which help in lowering the damage to the kidneys. Moreover, black tea also helps in controlling your blood pressure which helps in preventing kidney damage.

8. Relieves you from stress

In this busy hectic life, it is imperative to let go of your stress and spend a relaxed day at work or home. In such a case what can be better than a cup of tea? And if its black tea you can reap its benefits of reducing the stress hormones in your body and relaxing your nerves.

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9. Reduces the risk of Parkinson’s disease

Drinking one cup of black tea daily for a month regularly can prevent the onset of Parkinson’s disease. This holds true especially for men however, the exact reason for this is not yet known. However, drinking black tea can boost your memory and improve your brain function thereby keeping you mentally active.

10. Lowers the risk of ovarian cancer

Black tea is loaded with the goodness of antioxidants which help prevent the formation of cancer cells in the body. However, a lot more research is required to say that black tea can prevent the other types of cancer like breast, stomach, or colorectal.

Quick Tips To Keep In Mind

-To enjoy a refreshing cup of black tea just add a cup of boiling water over a teaspoon of black tea leaves or tea bag in a cup. Sip and enjoy this drink to the fullest whenever you want. 

-When you prepare black tea, do not brew the tea for more than 2-3 minutes. This is because black tea contains a very low amount of lead, aluminium and manganese and if you brew the tea for a longer time, chances are there that the concentration of metals might increase which might be harmful to your body,” says Dr. Deepti Tiwari, Clinical Nutritionist, CK Birla Hospital, Gurgaon.

-Anything in excess is harmful to your body. So limit your intake of black tea to not more than 3-4 cups a day. According to Dr. Deepti Tiwari, 3-4 cups/day is fine as excess consumption may cause acidity and diarrhea. 

-If you are on a weight loss spree or are planning to cut down on your intake of sugar, then drink black tea without adding sugar. This not only lowers the total caloric intake but also provides you added health benefits of drinking black tea.

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Start your day with a cup of black tea or enjoy black tea during your tea break to reap its health benefits and stay active and relaxed.


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