7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Cauliflower (Phool Gobi)

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Preparations of cauliflower, the typical winter vegetable, makes many of us come back for second and third helpings owing to its fresh wintery flavour and excitingly crunchy texture. What we unknowingly do while devouring this vegetable preparation is consume an array of nutrients that is otherwise rarely possible to source from a single food item.


Cauliflower comes enriched with proteins, dietary fibre, healthy Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamins. It serves as a rich source of Vitami B, C, E, K, folates, riboflavin, thiamin, and Niacin along with essential minerals such as sulphur, manganese, potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc and calcium. Surprisingly, the vegetable scores a zero on cholesterol so is a great option for many.


Here are a few health benefits of cauliflower:

1 . Prevents Cancer

Studies have shown that eating cauliflower can significantly cut the risk of cancer affecting the breasts, bladder, colon, prostrate and ovaries. Presence of compounds ‘Sulforaphane’ and ‘Glucosinolate’ present in cauliflower prevents cancer cells from growing and multiplying.

2 . Aids Weight Loss

The negligible amount of fats and sugars in this cruciferous vegetable negates the chances of one putting on weight with its consumption. Additionally, the dietary fibre content of cauliflowers keeps one’s hunger in check thereby controlling binging.

3 . Improves Heart Health

Along with the anti-inflammatory agents found in cauliflower, it is high in anti-oxidants. Combined with minerals like potassium and zinc, cauliflower aids in removing plaque from the blood vessels and boosting blood circulation. This cuts down the risk of cardiovascular diseases by a great degree.

4 . Supports Liver Functions

Cruciferous vegetables are renowned for improving one’s digestive and metabolic capabilities. The cauliflower is no exception in this respect as its sulphur compounds and dietary fibre help in effective digestion, assimilation of nutrients and detoxification through proper bowel movement.

5 . Supports A Healthy Pregnancy

Cauliflowers are blessed with good quantities of folate and Vitamin B that promotes healthy development of the foetus. Along with this the compound Choline aids in brain function development and preservation in both the child and the mother.

6 . Boosts Eye Health

Being packed with anti-oxidants like Vitamin C and K, beta-carotene and zinc, eating cauliflowers can prevent macular degeneration in the eyes which is a worrying cause of blindness in the elderly human population.

7 . Promotes Healthy Skin  

The active anti-oxidants and minerals in cauliflowers come handy for maintaining the radiant glow of your skin. These fight against the cell damaging free radicals and delay the signs of ageing like wrinkles, fine lines and black-spots from appearing on your skin.

So, go ahead and add this vegetable to your grocery list but cautiously because tiny creatures such as caterpillars and similar crawlies are big fans of cauliflowers. Buy the ones that feel tight, are devoid of black-spots and have leaves on them. Eat Healthy, Stay Happy with 1mg!

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